We use 3D modelling to sell our vision to new tenants. People have a hard time visualizing and seeing potential so we use 3D computer modelling and 3D print modelling to help tenants see our vision.

At A Glance

Below are the properties that we own in the Niagara Region. We also hold interest in several other properties throughout Southern Ontario.

What is opportunity? Properties that have been neglected, properties that come with jurisdictional challenges, poor tenant selection, lingering or pending environmental problems...opportunity is the chance to create excitement where none exists. At Develop Smart we have the tools to deal with your challenged property.


Invest To Maximize Property Valuation


To really make a property sing one must invest and upgrade infrastructure when existing is aging. Modern day franchise tenants require more electrical power than ever before, they require more HVAC support than ever before. Electrical and HVAC upgrades are two areas no land owner wants to face but the simple truth is that if you want to attract the best franchises, those who will invest hundreds of thousand of dollars in lease holds then you must upgrade infrastructure to attract them.

Property & Tenant Partnership


Develop Smart looks at partnering the right tenant with the right property. it is not enough these days to simply buy a property and fill it up with who ever shows interest in running a business. Today's consumer is picky, long gone are the days of the consumer accepting whatever business happens to be in their local neighbourhood and with online retail becoming ever more prevalent service oriented tenants are becoming increasingly the better match for most commercial properties.

Our Vision


4.3 acres with very strong tenants and revenue.

Yogen Fruz USVI

We hold the master franchise. Click on image for your USVI franchise opportunity.


1.7 acres for this strong tenant. Site plan and build to suit.


Drive thru Starbucks, converted from an old Donut Diner


1.7 acres for this strong tenant. Site plan and build to suit.


Condo unit with a strong tenant and revenue.